Issue - meetings

Proposal to Increase Hackney Tariff

Meeting: 18/10/2017 - Taxi Consultative Committee (Item 13)

Proposal to Increase Hackney Tariff


A proposal to increase the Hackney Carriage tariff was received from the Hackney Carriage representatives and a table of the current and proposed charges was distributed at the meeting. The proposed increases were approximately 10%, although it was noted that the tariff had not been increased for five years, and it was felt this was appropriate to enable the standards expected by the Council to be maintained.


The proposal was supported by the Committee, it being noted that this would be recommended to the Council’s Appeals and Regulatory Committee for approval, following which it would be advertised in the local press with a period of 14 days in which objections could be raised. It was hoped that it would be possible to implement the proposed increase before Christmas. It was agreed to invite Chris Brown and Stephen Atkin to the meeting of the Appeals and Regulatory Committee on 8 November when the proposed increase would be considered.