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Bereavement Service Manager's Report

Meeting: 16/12/2019 - Chesterfield and District Joint Crematorium Committee (Item 30)

Bereavement Service Manager's Report


The Bereavement Services Manager presented a report on
matters relating to the operation of the Crematorium. Information on cremations carried out during 2019/20, together with comparisons and trends from previous years was provided.


It was noted that the number of cremations that took place between April and October 2019 was fewer than in previous years which correlated with a decrease in the number of Registered Deaths in Chesterfield in the same period.


The Bereavement Services Manager advised that a member of staff at the Crematorium was on a period of long term sickness absence. A work experience placement student had been appointed and a vacancy had arisen for a Seasonal Gardener.


The Chesterfield and District Crematorium had been nominated for an award by the APSE Performance Networks, in the most improved category, and the members congratulated the officers on the recognition and thanked them for their hard work.




1.   That the report be noted.


2.   That approval be given to fill the vacant position of Seasonal




1.   To keep the Joint Committee informed of matters relating to the operation of the Crematorium.


2.   To ensure the maintenance of the Crematorium Grounds to their current standard.