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Bereavement Services Manager’s Report

Meeting: 14/12/2020 - Chesterfield and District Joint Crematorium Committee (Item 8)

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The Bereavement Services Manager submitted a report on matters relating to the operation of the Crematorium.


Information on cremation totals, comparisons with national and regional data, and geographical information on which areas funerals had been received from in 2020/21 was provided in Section 2 of the officer’s report.


In September 2019 a report was submitted on the environmental impact of the crematorium. An update was presented to the committee highlighting the following points;

·        Submission forms for cremations had been moved online and the Institute of Crematorium and Cemetery Management had taken note and shared the work as an example to others

·        The headland had been increased to increase the habitat for wildlife

·        Vehicle sharing initiatives were not permitted at this time but the traffic onsite had been drastically reduced due to the pandemic.

·        Research into new technologies was ongoing with the acknowledged possibility that the next cremators purchased may not be gas powered.


The committee heard that progress had not been as quick as hoped due to the pandemic but work would continue. The Bereavement Services Manager introduced the Service Director – Leisure, Culture and Community Wellbeing who would be taking responsibility for Bereavement Services from January 2021.Thanks to the team for their efforts during the pandemic were echoed by the Service Director and it was explained that the role was to provide support to the Bereavement Services Manager and team.




1.   That the report be noted.




1. To update Members on the day to day operation of the Crematorium and to continue to raise awareness of the Environmental Impact of the Crematorium and current good practice.

2. To enable the Crematorium to continue seeking options that reduce the risk of harm to the Environment from its operation at the earliest opportunity, despite current pressures.