Wednesday, 15th July, 2020 5.00 pm

Venue: Virtually via Microsoft Teams

Contact: Brian Offiler 

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Public Questions to the Council

To receive questions from members of the public in accordance with Standing Order No. 12.


Question submitted by Greg Hewitt, Plastic Free Chesterfield:


“Hello, I am the Community Lead for Plastic Free Chesterfield and tonight at 7pm we are holding an online meeting on addressing people and businesses’ concerns around using reusables and refillables at this time during COVID.


The Coronavirus pandemic led national cafe chains such as Cafe Nero and Starbucks refusing to accept reusable coffee cups in an attempt to prevent the virus. But last week a group of over 100 scientists responded to this confirming that it is safe to use reusable containers during the pandemic, as long as strict cleaning measures are implemented. Local Chesterfield businesses such as Lottie’s Sandwich Bar, El Cafe Verde and Steph’s Sustainable Stuff have taken heed of this advice and are accepting reusables and refillables.


Based on this, and also based on the council’s climate emergency declaration and action plan, will Chesterfield Borough Council be promoting reusables and refillables (reusable water bottles, reusable coffee cups, reusable containers) to Chesterfield’s businesses and public?”


Question submitted by Lisa Hopkinson, Transition Town Chesterfield:


“This time last year the council rightly declared a climate emergency. An enlightened response to the covid emergency can help avert the climate emergency.


I understand that the £7.42 million Hollis Lane Link is to be partly funded by a £3.8 million grant from D2N2 with the balance to be funded through borrowing.


A recent TUC analysis of infrastructure investment options to build back better concluded that the best jobs for immediate job creation are construction projects including social housing building, rail upgrades, cycle lane construction and pedestrianisation, and energy efficiency measures. These all provide the largest absolute numbers of potential direct and supply chain jobs created. The two projects scoring lowest included road building.


Given the immediate priority to create jobs, and the climate emergency that this council declared a year ago, wouldn’t it make more sense to borrow money to fund environmentally and socially beneficial projects, such as insulating homes, than for another road that will add further carbon, air pollution and congestion to Chesterfield?”


Question submitted by Polly Bentley:


“How much consideration is being given to the main points of the Transition Economics analysis for Green economic regeneration in this area? {see below}


My particular interest is in social housing, which seems not to be a priority here. (eg. Development at the old football ground…no sign of any “properly” affordable, as opposed to “executive” housing there). Is social housing never part of the planning consent in the many new for-profit developments (eg. Old Co-op site) or are the rules too easily flouted, as with the gigantic piecemeal developments at Walton, where even the concrete bases laid to imply facilities MIGHT one day be built, have now vanished. Is Chesterfield Borough Council allowing the development of a multitude of mini-Walton deserts?”


{1.24 million jobs across the UK can be created in the coming two years through  ...  view the full agenda text for item 5.


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Questions under Standing Order No. 19

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A question was submitted but subsequently withdrawn by Councillor Fordham.



Notice of Motion under Standing Order No. 21

To consider the motion submitted by Councillor P Niblock in accordance with Standing Order No. 21:


“Having declared a Climate Emergency, this Council commits with the Derbyshire Pensioners Group, Transition Chesterfield,  Friends of The Earth and Divest Derbyshire in calling for the Derbyshire Pension Fund to disinvest its remaining funds in Fossil Fuels companies and to invest in Renewable Energy companies instead.”