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Council - Wednesday, 16th December, 2020 5.00 pm

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Question submitted by Max Kerley:


Demolition of Council Houses - Rufford Close, Chesterfield


At the Council meeting on 26 February 2020 in response to my question on the above topic, Councillor Gilby informed me that a full technical / geological investigation had been undertaken to establish what created the conditions that necessitated the demolition of the brand new houses on Rufford Close. It subsequently emerged that the Council had received the report of this investigation in September 2019.


On 6 March 2020, I requested a copy of the report under the Freedom of Information Act. This request was refused by the Council on the grounds that the report was being used by the Council to engage in negotiation and possible mediation with contractors who had been involved in building the houses on Rufford Close and that the Council might use the report in legal proceedings. The refusal of the Council to release this report is now the subject of an appeal to the Information Commissioner.


My question to the Council is: based on the technical / geological report has the Council engaged in negotiations with the contractor(s) involved and reached mediation? If not, has the Council initiated legal proceedings?”


Question submitted by Lisa Hopkinson on behalf of Transition Chesterfield:


“We welcome the appointment of the new climate officer and look forward to urgent implementation of the Climate Action Plan, agreed in February 2020. Although Covid-19 has delayed this, we hope that the Council will give the plan its utmost priority in 2021, the year of the United Nations Climate Change conference in Glasgow COP26.


The Council's plan, which was always intended as a starting point only, is largely focused on actions to address the direct emissions from the Council within their direct control. However, there are many additional actions that need to happen throughout the borough, in every sector and ward. How and when does the Council intend to engage with the wider community to ensure that carbon emissions are reduced significantly throughout the borough, and how and when are councillors planning to engage with their constituents on this?”



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“For Chesterfield Borough Council to be a single-use-plastic free Council –


The Council notes:


  The production of plastic is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions globally which is exacerbating climate change.

  Most plastic does not decompose. As of 2015, approximately 6,300 Million tonnes of plastic waste had been generated globally, an estimated 79% of which has accumulated in landfills or the natural environment.

  This has a significant impact on marine and terrestrial ecosystems and is expected to affect both the services we get from these environments and human health.

  While a wide range of governance mechanisms have been implemented globally to control plastic pollution, these have been inconsistent (and further undermined by the widespread use of plastic PPE during the Covid pandemic).

  CBC has a strong track record of environmental policies and is currently implementing an ambitious Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP). Single use plastic does affect our indirect carbon emissions but is not specifically mentioned in the CCAP. It would, however, be included under item 34 (introduction of climate change impact assessments) and item 37 (introduction of sustainable procurement conditions for suppliers).

  While CBC does not use a great deal of single-use-plastic, usage is often prominent and can be interpreted as a visible indicator of an organisation’s environmental credentials.


The Council therefore commits to:


1.     Undertake a review of our internal use of single-use-plastics to provide a closer estimate of the quantities currently being ordered and used.

2.     Where possible, seek to remove single use plastic from council operations by 2023 through engagement with suppliers and switching to alternative products.

3.     Encourage and promote plastic free initiatives including the Plastic Free Chesterfield campaign.

4.     Offer the support of the Council’s Climate Change Officer in an ex officio capacity on the steering group of Plastic Free Chesterfield.”