Agenda and draft minutes

Enterprise and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee - Thursday, 1st April, 2021 5.00 pm

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Declarations of Members' And Officers' Interests Relating To Items On The Agenda


There were no declarations of interest received.


Apologies for Absence


An apology for absence was received from Councillor Coy.


Cabinet Member for Economic Growth - Housing Supply and Planning Reform pdf icon PDF 158 KB

5.05pm to 5.15pm – Officer’s introduction

5.15pm to 6.00pm – Questions and discussion



The Strategic Planning and Key Sites Manager presented an update to the committee on Housing Supply and Planning Reform. The Housing Delivery Test results had been published in January covering the three year period to 31 March 2020. The result was an achievement of 91%, compared to 66% and 65% in previous years and consequently a Housing Delivery Action Plan was required, with a reduced 5% buffer.


The Housing Delivery Manager had undertaken a large amount of work with developers to help remove any barriers to delivery and it was anticipated that the next year’s figures would show a significant over-achievement.


There had been little further progress in terms of Planning reform as comments had not been received from Government although there had been a further expansion of permitted development rights.


The Cabinet Member for Economic Development admitted that Housing Delivery was a challenge for local authorities due to them often not having the necessary land but he was confident that the targets set out in the Delivery Plan could be met. Members commented on the need to ensure that adequate consideration was given to infrastructure for all new developments.




1.    That the update be noted.


2.    That the topic of Planning Reform be a suggested topic for future work programming. 


Cabinet Member for Business Transformation and Customers - Commercialisation Strategy pdf icon PDF 87 KB

6.00pm to 6.10pm – Officer’s introduction

6.10pm to 6.55pm – Questions and discussion

Additional documents:


The Executive Director presented an update to the committee on Commercialisation following an initial report in December 2020. Additional financial information had been provided in Appendix A following feedback from members which demonstrated that the gross surplus position over the three year period had been positive and an improving situation.


In response to questions received prior to the meeting it was confirmed that depreciation was included in the overheads calculations, largely relating to the buildings at Operational Services Department (OSD) as most vehicles were leased and not owned by the council. The direct costs included wages, National Insurance and pension contributions and the overall figure including training costs etc.


It was concluded from the figures that the focus should be on repairs and additional services to existing Council tenants, rather than larger jobs like extensions. Jobs on non-Council properties should be limited to work on adjacent units when work is already being undertaken, with the example used of installing a new roof across a row of terraced houses where some may be privately owned. The committee heard that there was also a social value to providing some of these services to residents in addition to potential financial benefit.


A number of points relating to commercialisation were highlighted for inclusion in the Organisational Development Programme with the acknowledgement that this review had been a good opportunity to take stock and identify lessons learnt.




That the update be noted.


Scrutiny Monitoring pdf icon PDF 248 KB

6.55pm - Scrutiny Committee Recommendations – Implementation
Monitoring Schedule attached.


The Committee considered the Scrutiny recommendations monitoring schedule.




That the Scrutiny monitoring schedule be noted.


Forward Plan

7.10pm - The latest version of the Forward Plan of Key Decisions 1 March, 2021 to 31 June, 2021 is available via the link below:

Forward Plan


The Forward Plan for the four-month period 1 March, 2021 to 30 June, 2021 was presented for information.




That the Forward Plan be noted.


Work Programme for the Enterprise and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee pdf icon PDF 15 KB

7.20pm – Enterprise and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee Work
Programme for 2020/21 and an appendix attached

Additional documents:


The 2020/21 Work Programme for the Enterprise and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee was reported for information.




1.             That the work programme be noted.


2.             That the update on the Parks and Open Spaces and Play Strategies be delayed to June 2021 when the committee will undertake a consultation on the documents.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 274 KB

7.30pm – Draft minutes of the Enterprise and Wellbeing Scrutiny

Committee held on 4 February, 2021 attached




The Minutes of the meeting of the Enterprise and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee held on 4 February, 2021 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Any Other Business


The Chair thanked the Democratic Services Team and the committee members for their hard work and support during his time as Chair.


The committee expressed their appreciation to the Chair for his dedication and the professional way in which he had led the committee through its work programme.




That the comments be noted.