Agenda and decisions

Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing
Monday, 14th September, 2015

Contact: Donna Cairns  01246 345277

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Fees and Charges for the new Queen’s Park Sports Centre




(1)         That the current charges agreed for the year 2015/16 be applied for the remainder of the financial year 2015/16 at the new Queen’s Park Sports Centre and Healthy Living Centre.


(2)         That the proposed promotional charges, set out at appendix B to the report, to support the opening of the new Queen’s Park Sports Centre and refurbishment of equipment at the Healthy Living Centre be approved under delegated powers held by the Portfolio Holder for Sport and Leisure (Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing) which include the ability to both increase or decrease charges where there is a clear market opportunity to doing so.


(3)         That the proposed pre sales promotional Membership Packages and prices shown in Appendix B to the report be approved for promotion during the period October 2015 to January 2016; and sustained into March 2016 where there is a case to do so.


(4)         That any new provision in the Queen’s Park Sports Centre be aligned to market charges consistent with other local providers and Derbyshire Authorities.


(5)         That a charge of £2.50 per session be charged for all concessionary users for gym, swim and identified fitness classes during the period January to March 2016


(6)         That a new Active Workplace Membership priced at £15 be introduced as part of the Council’s Healthy Workplace arrangements for Chesterfield Borough Council employees and including PPP arvato and Kier teams and elected Members of Chesterfield Borough Council.


(7)         That the annually programmed assessment/review of fees and charges be considered as per the normal corporate timetable and applied from April 2016 onwards.