Agenda and minutes

Scrutiny Select Committee – Resilient Council - Thursday, 9th November, 2023 5.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 1, Town Hall

Contact: Democratic Services 

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Declarations of Members' and Officers' Interests Relating to Items on the Agenda


No declarations of interest were received.



Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Ogle and Ridgeway. Councillor Wheeldon was absent.



Council Plan Delivery Plan 2023/24 Quarter 2 Monitoring pdf icon PDF 55 KB

Additional documents:


The Policy and Partnerships Manager presented a report to the Committee detailing the Council’s performance against the 2023/24 Council Plan Delivery Plan.


The Quarter 2 Monitoring report, attached at Appendix 1 of the Policy and Partnership Manager’s report, set out the progress made on the 38 milestones being tracked during 2023/24. It was reported that 79% of milestones are currently progressing well and are expected to be completed during 2023/24.


In the priority area of ‘making Chesterfield a thriving borough’, 87% of the 15 milestones being tracked were reported to be progressing well and are expected to be completed during 2023/24. Successes were shared across several milestones. Two milestones were rated as amber. Explanations were given to members on the challenges experienced around cost, resulting in additional value engineering.


In terms of ‘improving quality of life for local people’, 93% of the 14 milestones being tracked are currently expected to be completed in 2023/24. The four objectives within this priority area are:

·      Provide quality housing and improve housing conditions across the borough.

·      Improve our environment and enhance community safety for our communities and future generations.

·      Help our communities to improve their health and wellbeing.

·      Reduce inequality and provide support to vulnerable people.

The only milestone rated as amber is around the delivery of the Climate Change Action Plan. However, 36 out of the 47 actions are expected to be delivered on time. A full report will be presented to a Joint Scrutiny Committee early next year.

Successes were shared in particular to the actions delivered due to UKSPF projects.


In the priority areaof ‘building a more resilient council’, 44% of milestones were reported to be progressing well and are expected to be completed during 2023/24. 56% of milestones are receiving further challenge and action to secure delivery by the close of 2023/24. This includes delivering the Council’s Medium-Term Financial Plan. This is a large and complex issue which requires rigorous check, challenge, and action throughout the year.

The three objectives for this priority area are:

·      Become and stay financially self-sufficient.

·      Make our services easier to access, deliver savings and reduce our environmental impact through the use of technology.

·      Improve services and customer interaction by investing in our staff.

Specific challenges were identified with members and the plans for meeting targets discussed.




1. That the report be noted.

2. That the Corporate Leadership Team leads for all amber rated milestones meet with relevant key officers to develop improvement strategies to support further progress in quarters 3 and 4.



MyChesterfield Update - (Report to follow)


This agenda item was adjourned. 




That the report be presented at the next committee.



Scrutiny Project Groups Progress Updates


There were no Scrutiny Project Groups updates to be presented.



Scrutiny Monitoring


This is a standard agenda item for the Committee to consider the scrutiny recommendations implementation monitoring schedule.

Members discussed the planned reports for up-coming meetings.

It was agreed that there would need to be a scrutiny focus on the recent flooding within Chesterfield. This would likely be a joint meeting with the other Scrutiny Committee.




There was no scrutiny monitoring schedule to be noted.



Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 163 KB


The Committee considered the Forward Plan for the period 1 December 2023 to 31 March 2024. Members were reminded to check this document regularly as dates are changeable. As this Committee can complete pre-decision scrutiny it is timely to scrutinise areas before they go to Cabinet for decision. Members raised questions over two items on the Forward Plan. Information would be circulated to Members over the items queried.




That the Forward Plan be noted.



Work Programme for the Scrutiny Select Committee - Resilient Council


There is no current formulated plan, however there are items over-running from the last programme which need signing off.



That the action be noted.



Minutes pdf icon PDF 80 KB




That the Minutes of the meeting Scrutiny Select Committee  - Resilient Council on 6th July 2023 be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.