Agenda item

Council Plan 2019 - 2023 and Performance Management Framework


Pursuant to Cabinet Minute No. 105 the Assistant Director - Policy and Communications submitted a report recommending the Council Plan 2019-2023 and the performance management framework 2019-2023 for approval.


In accordance with Standing Order No. 24, a recorded vote was taken for this item as follows:




Councillors:                                        Councillors:


Bagley                                                P Gilby

P Barr                                                  T Gilby

Bexton                                                Hill

Bingham                                             Hollingworth

Blank                                                   Huckle

Borrell                                                 J Innes

Brittain                                                 P Innes

Brunt                                                   Miles

Burrows                                              A Murphy

Callan                                                 T Murphy

Catt                                                     Niblock

Caulfield                                             Perkins

D Collins                                             Rayner

L Collins                                              Redihough

Davenport                                          Rogers

Derbyshire                                          Sarvent

Dickinson                                            Serjeant

Dyke                                                    Simmons

Elliott                                                   Slack

Falconer                                             Wall













1.     That the Council Plan 2019-2023 be approved.


2.     That the Council Plan 2019/20 delivery plan be approved.


3.     That the performance management framework 2019-2023 be approved and that delegated authority be granted to the Deputy Leader to approve any minor drafting and design changes that may be required in order to improve the readability and accessibility of the plan.

Supporting documents: