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Applications for Planning Permission - Plans Determined by the Development Management and Conservation Manager (P140D)


*The Development Management and Conservation Manager reported that pursuant to the authority delegated to him, he had determined the under-mentioned applications subject to the necessary conditions:-


(a)   Approvals



Change of use of existing pavement to allow external seating. Amended plans received 3.10.2018 at 1 Market Place Chesterfield S40 1JW for Loungers Ltd



Change of use from B1 (offices) to D1 (clinic) and D1/D2 (clinic/gym) at 388 Brimington Road Tapton Derbyshire S41  0TF for Mrs Theresa Goldsmith



Proposed demolition of existing garage and erection of two storey side extension and replacement roof over existing rear conservatory for a 3 bedroom house (revised drawings received 31/08/18, 02/10/2018 and 26/10/18) at 18 Welwyn Close Chesterfield S40 1HH for Mr and Mrs Richard Holmes



Two storey rear and side extension (revised description and drawing no. 18-004:001C received on 24.10.18) at 18 Hady Crescent Hady S41 0EA for Ms J Barnes



Conversion of the former car sales showroom into A1 (sui generis) use class to A4 drinking establishment with ancillary food use class - revised plans received 19/9/2018 and revised drawing nos. GAS-PO36 and GAS-PO15 REV F received on 24.09.2018. Revised drawings received 08.10.18 and 06.11.18 and Flood Risk at Woodleigh Motor Sales Ltd 34 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 2AQ for G.A.S Bars Limited



1 fascia sign located over the Clarence Street main entrance and 1 fascia sign located over the Chatsworth Road elevation access.  Other manifestation signs to windows on the Chatsworth Road elevation. 1 Mural on the eastern elevation (drawings received 08/10/18) 3 no. other internally-illuminated poster box signs on the Clarence Road Elevation at Woodleigh Motor Sales Ltd 34 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 2AQ for G.A.S Bars Limited



Change of use from offices to residential, extensions to dwelling and demolition of existing conservatory and erection of new conservatory and demolition of existing stables and erection of new 4 car garage. Heritage Statement received 15.10.2018, Bat Survey received 16.10.2018 at Dunston Hole Farm Unnamed Road Accessing Dunston Hall  and Hole Farm Chesterfield S41 9RL for Mr and Mrs Heppenstall



2 Storey rear extension, bedroom, bathroom and family room - revised drawing received 31.10.18 t 2 New Houses Piccadilly Road Chesterfield S41 0EJ for Miss Jackie Slater



Reserved matters application for CHE/15/00291 - construction of a Use Class B8 unit with ancillary B1(a) offices, a sub-station with associated access; parking; servicing area; engineering, landscaping; and, drainage works (revised drawings received 14.09.18, 11.10.18 and 19.11.18) at  Markham Employment Growth Zone Markham Lane Duckmanton Derbyshire S44 5HS for Henry Boot  Developments Ltd



Installation of prefabricated office at Croft Yard Staveley Road New Whittington S43 2BZ for Mr John Owen



Customer Parking Notices at B&Q Spire Walk Business Park Spire Walk Chesterfield Derbyshire for Miss Sarah Nash



Installation of 2 electric vehicle charging points alongside 2 existing car parking spaces, with ancillary bollards, signage posts and power feeder pillar at The Little Castle Enterprise Way Duckmanton Derbyshire S44 5FD for Engenie Ltd



Two storey side extension and single/two storey rear extension at 17 Grasmere Close Newbold Derbyshire  S41 8EG for Mrs Natalie Murphy



Ground floor front extension to existing detached dwelling-house at 6 St Davids Rise Walton Derbyshire S40 3HD for Mr Maunder



Two storey extension to rear at 1 Garden Close New Whittington Derbyshire S43 2DR for Mr Andrew Hemingway



Ground floor side extension to dwelling at 40 Westmoor Road Brimington Derbyshire S43 1PT for Mrs Jane Conneely



First floor extension over existing ground floor rear extension at 489 Newbold Road Newbold Derbyshire S41 8AE for Mr and Mrs Cotton



Removal of chimney stack from vestry roof and making good to roof slope at St Michael And All Angels Church Street Brimington Chesterfield  for St Michael and All Angels



Double storey rear extension, single storey rear side extension and pitched roof to existing garage at 14 Bridle Road Woodthorpe Derbyshire S43 3BY for Mr Mick Street



Single storey rear extension at 95 Manor Road Brampton Derbyshire S40 1HZ for Mr D Arthur



T1 - Oak.  Crown reduce by 1.5-2m all round and check for structural weaknesses and further signs of infection (WITHDRAWN). (Revised tree works Crown lift and crown thin to include the removal of dead at 42 Wythburn Road Newbold S41 8DR for Mr Jonathan Syer



Single and two storey extensions at 19 Bellhouse Lane Staveley Derbyshire S43 3UA for Mrs Rebecca Smith



Conversion of loft to provide additional bedroom and bathroom and new gable end to front at 141 Handley Road New Whittington Derbyshire S43 2EP for Dianne Foulds



Rear extension storage building and extended drive and parking at front of property at 44 Amber Crescent Walton Derbyshire S40 3DH for Mr and Mrs Goodwin and Pennington



Retention of existing block work garden shed to rear of garden at 10 Lodge Walk Inkersall S43 3DY for Mr Garry Nicholls



Reduction of branch to the boundary line, overhanging onto No 31 Bentham Road, also removal of dead branches.  Branch overhangs the conservatory and is touching the conifer tree resulting in further overhang and concern over safety of low hanging branch at 29 Bentham Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4EZ for Mr Neil Gregory



Retrospective consent for erection of a conservatory at 6 Treeneuk Gardens Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 3FH for Mr Adrian Coles



Reduction in crown width and height removal of limbs growing towards property,  removal of the limb and/or branches which are on the opposite side of the tree near to neighbour and  complete removal of any dead wood and branches affected by bleeding canker at 9 Hedley Drive Brimington S43 1BF for Mr Christopher Wells-Jackson



2 Lime trees - request for both raising to the main limbs.  Allowing 5m above the Road, 20% thin and clean.   A reduction of canopy where branches are beyond the crown drip line.  Remove epicormic growth at 27 Gladstone Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4TE for Mr Joe Durrant



Single storey rear extension at 20 Rhodes Avenue Newbold S41 7AY for Mr John Carter



Crown lift and crown clean T1 Silver Birch, T2 and T3 Sycamore and trees within G1. Also the felling of two dead Rowans and one leaning Silver Birch within G1 of TPO 241 at St Hughs Church 135 Littlemoor at 135 Littlemoor Newbold Derbyshire S41 8QP for Chesterfield Gospel Hall Trust



1 Lime tree T3 - crown lift and crown clean and light crown thin at 36 Gladstone Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4TE for Mrs Margaret Hill



5 x Lime trees - T6, T7, T8, T9 and T11.  Crown lift and crown clean and clear telephone wire.  1 x Oak tree T4 - 3 lower branches remove 1 x Red Maple T10 - lower branches remove 1 x Horsechestnut T5 - crown lift and crown clean at 38 Gladstone Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4TE for Mr Michael Brent



Non material amendment to CHE/17/00326/REM for substitution of some of the approved drawings at Cammac Coal Dunston Road Chesterfield Derbyshire for Strata Homes Yorkshire Ltd



Horsechestnut - re-pollard and shorten limb over conservatory.  Ash - re-pollard. Magnolia - crown lift.  Lawson Cypress - remove.  6 x Limes - re-pollard at 25 Porter Street Staveley Derbyshire S43 3UY for Mr Miles Prentice



General maintenance to T1, T2 and T3 15% Crown thin/clean, 4.5m crown lift and deadwood removal and prune lower branches back from the house at The Old Rectory Chatsworth Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 3BQ for Mr Dominic Fallon



Beech T1 and Large Beech in G2 - fell both trees - Dangerous Fungal Infection at Netherleigh 34 Netherleigh Road Ashgate Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 3QJ for Mr Ashley Kirk



Beech Trees within Group 2 - crown lift to 3.5m from ground level, crown thin by 25% throughout the crown and selectively removing and reducing branches growing over the garden area of 6 Park Hall Gardens thus leaving a natural appearance to the tree line and crown at 6 Park Hall Gardens Walton Derbyshire S42 7NQ for Mr John Wilcockson

(b)   Refusals



New equestrian ménage at Dunston Hole Farm  Unnamed Road Accessing Dunston Hall and Hole Farm Chesterfield S41 9RL for Mr and Mrs Heppenstall



One non-illuminated sign at land at Worksop Road Woodthorpe Derbyshire for Avant Homes (Central)


(c)  Discharge of Planning Condition



Discharge of planning conditions of CHE/16/00518/FUL - erection of residential development comprising 55 dwellings, access, landscaping and associated works at site of former Newbold Community School Newbold Road Newbold S41 8RJ for Miller Homes (Yorkshire)




Discharge condition 3 (Gas Protection Measures) on application CHE/17/00572/REM at Plot 6 Markham Vale Enterprise Way Duckmanton for Henry Boot Developments


(d)  Other Council no objection without comments



Creation of all-weather games area within existing school field at Woodthorpe C of E Primary School Seymour Lane Woodthorpe Derbyshire S43 3DA for Derbyshire County Council


(d)   Other Council objection



Erection of a replacement two classroom block at Ashgate Croft School Ashgate Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4BN for Derbyshire County Council


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