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Local Council Tax Support Scheme 2020/21


Pursuant to Cabinet Minute No.67, the Acting Chief Finance Officer submitted a report seeking approval for the Council Tax Support Scheme to be applied in 2020/21. The report noted that the scheme being recommended for adoption in respect of the next financial year (2020/21) was unchanged from that operated in 2019/20.




1.   That approval be granted to continue with the current Local Council Tax Support scheme for 2020/21. The scheme is based on The Council Tax Reduction Scheme England Regulations 2012 amended to reflect the following local decisions concerning the key principles of the scheme:

·        For those of working age the maximum amount of the Local Council Tax that will be eligible for reduction is 91.5% of their full Council Tax Liability;

·        The Council continues its policy of disregarding war pensions for the purposes of calculating income in respect of the Local Council Tax Support scheme;

·        The ‘taper’, i.e. the rate at which support is withdrawn as income increases be maintained at 20%.


2.   That delegated powers be granted to the Chief Finance Officer in conjunction with the Cabinet Member for Business Transformation to update the 2020/21 scheme to reflect such up-ratings of premiums, allowances and non-dependent deductions as may be determined by the Department of Work and Pensions, and in respect of other minor technical changes which may be required.


3.   That approval be granted to continue the current local council tax discounts, which were originally implemented in 2013/14.

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