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Applications for Planning Permission - Plans Determined by the Development Management and Conservation Manager (P140D)


*The Development Management and Conservation Manager reported that pursuant to the authority delegated to him, he had determined the under-mentioned applications subject to the necessary conditions:-


(a)   Approvals



Conversion of existing garage to kitchen including extending canopy roof, kitchen extension to rear and internal alterations to form disabled wc. 

Revised Drawings submitted 18/03/20 at Dunston Inn Dunston Lane Newbold S41 8HA for Mr Sekhon Manvesh



Application for permission to install up to 50 storage containers with a net loss of no. 2 caravan storage spaces at     land between River Drone and River Whitting Sheepbridge Lane Sheepbridge S41 9RX for Mr John Rodgers



Variation of conditions 2 (approved plans) and 3 (materials) of CHE/19/00418/FUL (Erection of log cabin for use as a separate annexe for family members) to allow the cabin to be built of concrete and brick blocks and the height to be changed from 3.17m to 3.47 m to allow for roof to be tiled. All windows and door to be UPVC at 15 Laurel Crescent Hollingwood Derbyshire S43 2LA for Mr Leslie Bull



Two storey side and rear extension and single storey rear extension at 8 Wayside Court Brimington Derbyshire S43 1BS for Mr M Green



Two storey side and rear extension with adjoining single storey rear extension at 30 Highbury Road Newbold Derbyshire S41 7HL for Mr and Mrs Scott Timbrell



Proposed store to rear garden at 104 Vernon Road Chesterfield S40 1EL for Mr Liam Henman



Retrospective listed building consent for removal of partition wall to the right hand side, existing middle partition remaining unchanged and erection of previously approved stud wall.  Works to provide smaller kitchen but a larger usable space at 6 Cannon Court Beetwell Street Chesterfield S40 1SH for Mrs Louise Gavan



Two storey/single storey rear extension along with the associated alterations including cladding and render at 257 Newbold Road Newbold S41 7AL for Mr A Girolamo



Alterations and extensions to existing bungalow and erection of a detached single garage to the rear.  Revised drawings received 24.11.2020 at 18 Lindale Road Newbold S41 8JH for Mr R Machin



Single storey rear extension at 27 Pomegranate Road Newbold Derbyshire S41 7BL for Mrs Kate Shelden



First floor front bedroom extension at 21 Wheathill Close Holme Hall Chesterfield S42 7JZ for Mr and Mrs M Atkiin



Conversion of garage into a living room at 7 Pearson Croft Upper Newbold Derbyshire S41 8WX for Mr Donald Nichols



Removal of existing conservatory and construction of new single storey extension to rear elevation at 8 Camerory Way New Whittington Derbyshire S43 2QF for Mr Andrew Stewart



Erection of a single storey side extension at 230A Handley Road New Whittington Derbyshire S43 2ET for Mr Fendyke



Conversion of existing garage to form habitable room inside domestic dwelling at 11 Horse Chestnut Close Chesterfield S40 2FL for Mrs Catherine Parry



Removal of existing precast concrete garage and erection of a single storey extension at 14 Arnside Close Chesterfield S41 8JJ for Mr Shane Osbiston



Listed Building Consent for removal of existing conservatory on the south elevation and erection of a replacement at 191 Old Road Chesterfield S40 3QH for Mrs Alison Cox



Internally illuminated signage comprising 5 Motif boxes, 2 fascia lettering signs, 1 totem, 1 PFS canopy, 1 PFS kiosk and 1 PFS car wash at Morrisons 1 Barnfield Close Staveley S43 3UL for Morrisons Supermarket



Crown thin by 20% throughout the crown and to include the pruning of the outer canopy to leave an even density of foliage around the tree. Also include a crown clean to remove dead, damaged and discussed branches within the crown.  Reduction of side branches growing towards 2 Somersall Lane to give a 2m clearance, pruning back to suitable replacement branches.  Crown lift by 5.2m pruning back to suitable replacement branches and to include the removal of epicormic growth in the main stem.  Clearance of branches near to street lamp to prevent obstruction and obscuring light and traffic lights at Lodge Cottage 2 Somersall Lane Somersall Derbyshire S40 3LA for Ms Adele Downer



New signage - 3 illuminated fascia signs, 2 illuminated totems, 1 illuminated PFS canopy, 1 illuminated PFS kiosk and 1 illuminated motif box at Morrisons Chatsworth Road Chesterfield S40 3BQ for Morrisons Supermarket



Poplar x 8 to reduce height by 6-7 metres to suitable growing points.  Reason for work to gain falling distance from power line at verge to south of driving range Whittington Road Barrow Hill Derbyshire for Mr Philip Shaw



Single storey front and rear extension, first floor side extension, internal and external alterations at 240 Newbold Road Newbold S41 7AJ for Mr and Mrs Smith



5 Elm Trees all self-sets - to remove.  2 situated on the edge of the woodland 14 metres from the house. Confirmed all dead or dying from Dutch Elm.  1 Horse Chestnut - badly infected with canker - to remove.  Various self-sets and scrub trees to remove to allow others to flourish at 33 Coupland Close Old Whittington Derbyshire S41 9TB for Mrs June MacDonald



T3 Horse Chestnut - Immediately to the north of Children First Day Nursery.  Strips of dysfunctional bark likely due to historic infection of bleeding canker (Pseudomonas sp.). Also, minor leaf damage likely caused by leaf miner (Cameraria ohridella). Tree immediately to north east of nursery entrance has large phototrophic limb extending to the south, with minor dysfunctional bark around union. Also, evidence of historic large branch failure - reduce large limb to the south by approximately 2m G2 - Mixed species group of mature trees. Species comprise lime, chestnut, copper beech, weeping ash. Minor deadwood throughout.  Epicormic growth prevents full inspection of limes. Cavities within scaffolds of weeping ash, also Chalara ash dieback <10% - 8 x lime trees - remove epicormic to 5m and remove deadwood - 2x copper beech - remove deadwood

T8 weeping ash  - remove deadwood and crown lift to clear 3m over car park and climber to report condition of cavities at Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Royal Hospital Dryhurst House Chesterfield Road Calow S44 5BL for Mrs Emma Morten



T1 - TPO T55 Sycamore, a light crown thin, crown clean and crown lift at 39 Coupland Close Whittington S41 9TB for Mr Danny Hyatt



T7 - Sycamore - Crown reduction by 35%. Pruning back to suitable replacement branches to create a well-balanced crown. Removal of any dead or damaged branches at 7 Abercrombie Street Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 7LW for Mr Morton Joynes



Recommended tree work to enable site access and undertaking of roofing work at Brimington Hostel, as per pre development arboricultural report prepared by Treescapes Consultancy Ltd at  Brimington Hostel 9 Victoria Street Brimington Derbyshire S43 1HY for Derbyshire County Council



Lime tree growing at corner of plot on 48 Cobden Road.  Crown lift to 5.2 metres to give a height clearance from ground level.  Crown thin by 20% to allow light to filter through and which would include clearing any telephone wires.  The reduction of branches growing towards 46 and 48 Cobden Road to give a 2 metre clearance from any structure pruning back to suitable replacement branches at 48 Cobden Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 4TD for Mr Stephen Markus


(b)   Refusals



Erection of a detached dwelling at 328A Manor Road Brimington Derbyshire S43 1NX for Mr Bingham



Erection of a park home to provide accommodation for relatives at The Lodge Whittington Road Barrow Hill Derbyshire for Mr Jay Logan



Two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and new first floor bay to front elevation at 21 Norbriggs Road Woodthorpe S43 3BT for Hannah Bloomer-Hague                      


(c)  Discharge of Planning Condition



Discharge of condition 3 (drainage), 4 surface water), 5 (materials) and 17 (site investigation) of application CHE/18/00797/FUL - construction of a 2 storey detached dwelling with a detached double garage at land adjacent to 44 Private Drive Hollingwood Derbyshire for A P Brickwork Limited



Discharge of condition 5 (freestanding donation banks and machine washing kiosks) of CHE/19/00634 - Change of use and elevational alterations of part of premises from Class A1 to Class D1 at Lidl Foljambe Road Chesterfield S40 1NJ for Mr Martin Way


(d)   Retrospective Application Refused



Retention of balcony with glass balustrade over ground floor flat roof at 24 Springfield Avenue Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1DJ for Mr Matt Wyatt


(e)  Other Council no objection with comments



Submission of condition 5 - protection of trees - of planning permission CD2/0420/3 at Brimington Hostel 9 Victoria Street Brimington Derbyshire S43 1HY for Tim Gregory



Application to not comply with conditions (1,2,17 and 19) of planning permission CW2/1007/155 and proposed variation of those conditions to complete infilling operation by 31st May 2035 and all restoration to be completed within a further 2 years at Erin Landfill Site Markham Lane Duckmanton Derbyshire S44 5HS for Viridor Waste Management Ltd   


(f)  Prior approval not required



Proposed single storey rear extension at 4 Highbury Grove Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 7HX for Mr Stephen Barker


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