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2021/22 Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan


Pursuant to Cabinet Minute No. 57 the Chief Financial Officer submitted a report seeking Council approval for the General Fund Budget for 2021/22, including recommendations on the budget allocations and Council Tax level for 2021/22.


In accordance with the Local Authorities (Standing Orders) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2014, a recorded vote was taken for this item as follows:




Councillors:                                      Councillors:


Bellamy                                            Kelly

Blank                                                Ludlow

Brady                                                Mannion-Brunt

Brittain                                              Marriott

Callan                                               Miles

Caulfield                                           A Murphy

D Collins                                           T Murphy

L Collins                                           Perkins

Flood                                                Perry

P Gilby                                              Rayner

T Gilby                                              Sarvent

J Innes                                             Serjeant

P Innes                                             Simmons




Councillors:                                      Councillors:


P Barr                                               Hollingworth

Bingham                                           Holmes

Borrell                                               Kellman

Coy                                                   P Niblock

Davenport                                        S Niblock

G Falconer                                       Redihough                        

K Falconer                                        Rogers

Fordham                                           Snowdon








1.     That the revised budget for 2020/21, as detailed in section 4.3 of the officer’s report, be approved.


2.     That the overall revenue budget summary for 2021/22, as detailed in section 4.5 and Appendix A of the officer’s report, be approved.


3.     That the Collection Fund and Tax Base forecasts, as detailed in section 4.6 of the officer’s report, be noted.


4.     That the use of the capital receipts flexibility to fund the revenue costs of the ICT programme which will lead to budget savings, as detailed in section 4.7 of the officer’s report, be approved.


5.     That the budget forecasts for 2022/23 and the medium term and the action plan for addressing the projected deficits, as detailed in section 4.8 of the officer’s report, be noted.


6.     That the intention to develop a detailed programme and funding strategy for Organisational Development, as detailed in section 4.9 of the officer’s report, be noted.


7.     That the estimates of reserves including maintaining the General Working Balance at £1.5m, as detailed in section 4.10 and Appendix D of the officer’s report, be approved.


8.     That the budget risks and sensitivity analysis, as detailed in Appendix E of the officer’s report, be noted.


9.     That the recommended increase in the Council’s share of Council Tax in each band be approved on the basis of a £5 increase for a Band ‘D’ property, in 2021/22.


10. That the 2021/22 Council Tax Requirement and financing, as detailed in Appendix F of the officer’s report, be approved.


11. That the Chief Financial Officer’s assurances, as detailed in section 4.14 of the officer’s report, be noted.



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