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Applications for Planning Permission - Plans Determined by the Development Management and Conservation Manager (P140D)


*The Development Management and Conservation Manager reported that pursuant to the authority delegated to him, he had determined the under-mentioned applications subject to the necessary conditions:-


(a)   Approvals



External alterations to existing building including external cladding and alteration to fenestration, level access, installation of fire escape and erection of a smoking shelter at C C S Media Ltd New Birdholme House Derby Road Birdholme Derbyshire S40 2EX for CCS Media



To continue to have our steel container on land at the side of canal for storage on a permanent basis. Revised information received 03/02/21 at Tapton Lock Visitors Centre Lockoford Lane Chesterfield S41 7JB for Mr Dale Smith



Extension to industrial unit to provide additional storage - additional information received 22nd and 23rd February 2021 at Bildan House Broombank Road Chesterfield Trading Estate Chesterfield S41 9QJ for Oxdale Products Limited



Two storey extension to front of dwelling, single storey rear extension and porch to front of property (revised plans received 15.03.2021) at 2 Matlock Road Chesterfield S40 3JQ for Mr Paul Gosney



Two storey side extension.  Revised drawing received 11.01.2021 and 29.01.2021 at 764 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield S40 3PN for Mr Jason Bolland



Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of a single storey rear extension at 91 Newbold Back Lane Chesterfield S40 4HH for Miss Lynn Duesbury



Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of CHE/19/00149/FUL (Refurbishment of existing unit and proposed new warehouse) at Denka UK Ltd Broombank Road Chesterfield Trading Estate Chesterfield S41 9QJ for Denka UK Ltd



Single storey rear extension.  Revised drawing received 19 3 2021 at 38 Spire Heights Chesterfield S40 4BF for Mr Danny Connor



Single storey side and rear extension, and improvements to front elevation.  Revised drawings received 04.03.2021 at 20 Aspley Close Chesterfield S40 4HG for Mr Stuart Woodhouse



Single storey rear extension at 556 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield S40 3AY for Mr and Mrs Thompson



Raising of the existing roof and creation of first floor extension at 114 Newbridge Lane Old Whittington Derbyshire S41 9JF for Mr A May



Front porch extension at 66 Netherfield Road Somersall Derbyshire S40 3LS for Gomer John Kees



T11 - Beech, reveal street light. Duty of Care.  T12 Ash- Crown lift to 3 metres all round.  Duty of Care.  T29-T28 - Beech,   Crown lift over footpath to 3 metres. Duty of Care.  T48 Silver Birch - This is in Wild School Area and is in decline and needs removing as it is not safe.  Duty of Care.  T90-T109 - Remove major deadwood over 40mm from Lime and Pine trees on main entrance drove.  Duty of Care.  T112 Scotts Pine - Crown lift over footpath to 3 metres.  Duty of Care.  T110-T111 Sycamore - crown lift 3 metres over footpath and 5.2 metres over carriageway.  Duty of Care at Ashgate Croft School Ashgate Road Chesterfield S40 4BN for Mr Carl Briddock



Erection of a garden room/office/shed at the bottom of the garden at 44 Westbrook Drive Chesterfield S40 3PQ for Mr Phil Hawthorn



Strip out all existing  timber frame sash and casement windows to the main building and install like for like replacement with double glazed slimline units at Sutton Court Lodge 2 Chesterfield Road Brimington S43 1AD for Mr Edward Hayward



Listed Building Consent to strip out all existing timber frame sash and casement windows to the main building and install like for like replacement with double glazed slimline units at Sutton Court Lodge  2 Chesterfield Road Brimington S43 1AD for Emh Group



Single storey replacement garage (revised plans received 06.04.2021) at 12 Enfield Road Newbold Derbyshire S41 7HP for Mr John Gleadhall



Installation and refurbishment of signs - 1 x pictorial sign to be refurbed and new lighting added, 3 x amenity signs, 1 x fascia externally illuminated, 2 x illuminated lanterns, 5 x 30w warm white flood lights at Barrel Inn 249 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield S40 2BL for EI Group plc



Sycamore Tree - the branches are now over hanging the property quite dangerously and over neighbouring properties, causing damage.  Crown lift of 50% and a crown thin of 50%. I would like to carry out a crown lift to allow more light into my and neighbours gardens. It is particularly necessary to lift the lower branches which are overhanging gardens and properties at 159 Old Hall Road Chesterfield S40 1HG for Miss Tracey Hume                    



Crown thinning for T1, to allow more light and less foliage onto property.  Trees adjacent appear to have already had this process.  T2 has a forked trunk and rogue branches which are causing concern for damage to fence and overhang.  Crown reduction for this tree to change shape, this will also provide less foliage which has damaged to the grounds of (plot 26) No 53 Pomegranate Road at 53 Pomegranate Road Newbold Derbyshire S41 7BL for Mr Leigh Pickering



Coppice the trees which are now over hanging my property and to remove all those within 1m of the boundary line.  I will also plant a minimum of 25 Hawthorn Bushes along the bank at 44 Marine Drive Chesterfield S41 0FG for Mr Ian Jenkins



G4 - Elm/2 Sycamores - Fell - Leaning over highway/poor specimens.  G4 - Elm - Crown Lift over highway.  T86 - Hawthorn - Remove Ivy.  All trees over highway to deadwood at St Peter and St Paul School Hady Hill Hady Derbyshire S41 0EF for St Peter and St Pauls School



Crown reduction back to the previous height of Lombardy poplars on the boundary and permission to maintain the previous height on a 3 to 4 year cycle to be reviewed in 10-12 years’ time at rear of 27 Pomegranate Road Newbold Derbyshire S41 7BL for Mrs Kate Sheldon


(b)   Refusals



Raising roof height to accommodate room in roof space at 1 Fallowfield Road New Whittington Derbyshire S43 2DP for Mr Nick Rice



Two storey rear extension.  Revised drawings received 16.02.2021 at 3 Grove Cottages Bobbin Mill Lane Chesterfield S40 3DP for Dr. Emma Cantrill


(c)  Discharge of planning condition



Discharge of conditions 15 (Employment and Training scheme), 20 (materials) and 25 (finished floor levels) of planning application CHE/20/00695/FUL - New warehouse unit with trade counter, staff facilities, external materials yard, surface car parking for staff and customers, new vehicular entrances onto highway and the provision of a substation with associated works at development land opposite Hazlehurst Avenue Sheffield Road Stonegravels Chesterfield for Derbys CC and C/field BC and Saint-Gobain Building Ltd



Discharge of planning condition 3 (surface water drainage) of CHE/17/00798/FUL and CHE/17/00799/LBC - Change of use from Office (B1) to Residential - 30 apartments over 3 floors (C3) and internal alterations to Listed Building at Knightsbridge Court, Ground Floor Office 6 West Bars Chesterfield S40 1BA for ARC Capital



Discharge of condition 3 of planning permission CHE/20/00552/FUL at Dunston Hole Farm Unnamed Road Accessing Dunston Hall and Hole Farm Chesterfield S41 9RL for Mrs Ceri Heppenstall


(d)   Partial discharge of conditions



Discharge of conditions 4 (materials), 7 (owl/kestrel box), 8 (hard and soft landscaping) and 9 (site investigation) of CHE/19/00149/FUL - Refurbishment of existing unit and proposed new warehouse at Denka UK Ltd Broombank Road Chesterfield Trading Estate Chesterfield S41 9QJ for Denka UK Ltd


(e)   Finally disposed of



Installation of 3 fascia signs at 39 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield S40 2AH for Cardtronics UK Ltd, trading as Cashzone


(f)  Unconditional permission



Retrospective Listed Building Consent for removal of 4 existing damaged and rotten windows to front and 2 to the side and replace with in-keeping traditional wooden cottage windows with traditional iron fittings at 39 Newbold Village Newbold Road Newbold Derbyshire S41 8RJ for Ms Lucy Banks



Non-material amendment to CHE/20/00250/FUL (Erection of a freestanding two storey restaurant with drive-thru (A3/A5), car parking, landscaping and associated works. Installation of 2No. COD (Customer Order Display) with associated canopies) to make minor alterations to the elevations including - omitting the spandrel panels above the booth windows, changing the frames to black, ceramic (opaque) glazing to replace the aluminium panel between the floors and reduction in door height to 2100mm on Elevation D, (additional information provided 12/02/21) at former A G D Car Park West Bars Chesterfield Derbyshire for McDonald's Restaurant Ltd



T1 Maple - Reduce by 1/3.  T2 Birch - Reduce height by 4m.  T3 Birch - Reduce height by 4m.  T4 Birch - Reduce height by 4m.  T5 Birch - Reduce height by 4m at Church of Annunciation Spencer Street Chesterfield S40 4SD for Church of The Annunciation


(g)  Prior approval not required



Ground Floor rear single storey extension to form vestibule at 4A Allsops Place Chesterfield S41 8SN for Sian Emerson



Demolition of outbuilding and erection of single storey extension to the rear of dwelling at 97 Calow Lane Hasland Derbyshire S41 0BA for Mr John Liggett


(h)  Application returned to applicant



Discharge of planning condition 8 of CHE/19/00290/FUL - Conversion of existing buildings to 4 two bedroom dwellings - 2 ground floor bed apartments and 2 two bed duplexes at Jubilee Works Middlecroft Road Staveley Derbyshire S43 3FJ for Mr P M Blower


(i)  Withdrawn



Construction of four dwellings on land adjacent to 98 Grangewood Road (revised site location plan received 16/10/20). Revised drawings received 19.11.2020.  Revised drawings received 27.11.2020. Revised drawings received 04.12.2020 at land adj. 98 Grangewood Road Birdholme Derbyshire S40 2TA for Mr Eric Green



Single storey rear extension at 82 Highfield Road Newbold Derbyshire S41 7HB for Mr Jacob Albon



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