Committee details

Overview and Performance Scrutiny Forum

Purpose of committee

Overview and Performance Scrutiny Forum meets bi-monthly and comprises all those Councillors appointed to the other two scrutiny committees - the Community, Customer and Organisational Scrutiny Committee and the Enterprise and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee. The Overview and Performance Scrutiny Forum provides a corporate and co-ordinating role, it has an overview of the work of the other two committees and agrees its own work programme. It may :

  • scrutinise executive decisions 'Called In' by scrutiny Councillors as needing further attention (see FAQs document);
  • review existing policies and actions;
  • develop and propose new policies;
  • receive matters for consideration that may be referred to it by the Cabinet or Council;
  • monitor performance and scrutinise the Council's use of finances and other resources;
  • set up Scrutiny Review Panels to scrutinise matters in more detail;

The Overview and Scrutiny Forum will look at the following areas :

  • Efficiency;
  • Partnership working (internal and external);
  • Financial management including budget setting and monitoring;
  • Asset management;
  • Information and risk management;
  • Corporate planning, policy and performance.


Scrutiny Review Panels

As and when required the Overview and Performance Scrutiny Forum will appoint task and finish groups called Scrutiny Review Panels to undertake specific scrutiny reviews of policies, issues or services in more detail. All Non-Executive Members can be involved in Scrutiny Review Panel work whether or not they are a member of a Scrutiny Committee.


Contact information

Support officer: Charlotte Kearsey. 01246 345236

Postal address:
Town Hall
Rose Hill
S40 1LP

Phone: 01246 345236