Issue - decisions

Scrutiny Project Group report on Skills

26/02/2019 - Scrutiny Project Group report on Skills



1.   That the Cabinet thanks the Enterprise and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee for the report which highlights an important area of work for the Council and reflects our commitment to driving skills development in the Borough through our support of the Skills Action Plan and continued engagement with key partners and stakeholders.


2.   That the Cabinet notes and endorses the recommendations, and acknowledges that the recommendations can be accommodated within the normal work programme and through partners.


3.   That the decision to co-fund the Enterprise Co-ordinator post be deferred for consideration as a growth request as part of the budget setting process for 2020/21. The Cabinet recognises the positive impact of the Enterprise Co-ordinator for Chesterfield and that this is currently co-funded for 2 years until 2019/20.




1.   To improve the capturing of developments that are or will be subject to local labour agreements; and to promote best practice, encouraging smaller developments to get involved in the local skills and employment agenda.


2.   To promote consistency and high quality apprenticeships across the borough.


3.   To continue the good work currently being undertaken with schools to prepare students for future employment and skills pathways, particularly in preparation for HS2.


4.   To encourage the consideration of future impacts, such as HS2 and EU exit, ensuring the skills and employment priorities stay relevant and meet the changing demands.