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Dog Friendly Chesterfield Say Cancel Graeme Hall

We the undersigned petition the Chesterfield Borough Council to cancel their proposed entertainment evening with Graeme Hall. We note that Chesterfield Borough Council has booked Graeme Hall to perform as The Dogfather Live at The Pomegranate on Friday 22nd April. We are concerned at the poor standards of animal welfare, low level medical understanding and misleading diagnoses that have been present on Mr Hall’s shows. We reject assumption over diagnosis, we value informed medical opinion and we advocate modern training and responsibility rather than outdated methods and narrow entertainment. We call upon Chesterfield Borough Council to follow the example of Glasgow, York, Blackburn, Liverpool, Southampton, Carlisle, Llandudno and Portsmouth and to cancel their proposed entertainment evening with Graeme Hall.

Chesterfield Theatres are both hosting this event and have made the booking via the agent, and are aware of the concerns but have failed to act. As it stands this is going ahead and therefore we believe this petition should run to give people the chance to express their concern. We urge the Council to think again and to cancel the proposed evening.

Started by: Ed Fordham (Dog Friendly Chesterfield)

This ePetition ran from 28/03/2022 to 20/04/2022 and has now finished.

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