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Build on Brownfield NOT Greenfield & Farmland

We the undersigned petition the Chesterfield Borough Council to urgently review the current Local Plan to exclude greenfield/farmland sites, implement policies to approve house building on brownfield sites only, and reject applications for building on greenfield/farmland sites in order to protect them.

We are deeply concerned about the vast amounts of farmland and greenfield sites in the borough that are being destroyed to build houses especially as there are alternative brownfield sites. We need to protect greenspaces and woodland for wildlife protection and recovery, as well as for local people to enjoy and benefit from better mental and physical health. We need to protect farmland for food security. Crucially, due to the pressures of climate change, we need to protect open land, trees, and hedges for carbon capture. Additionally, the building of more houses on greenfield sites is divergent from, and possibly directly opposed to, the council’s declared state of climate emergency.
We are appalled by acts of social vandalism by weak planning committees that will not stand up for residents whom they are supposed to represent, and whose opinions they should be listening to. Chesterfield Borough Council should act responsibly with regard to the impacts on the environment and residents and future generations of Chesterfield and stop building on greenfield sites and farmland.

Started by: Joanna McPherson (Dunston Grange Action Group)

This ePetition ran from 29/05/2023 to 08/12/2023 and has now finished.

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