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Chesterfield supports trans rights as human rights

We the undersigned petition the Chesterfield Borough Council to reaffirm that trans rights are human rights. We, the undersigned, assert that the human rights of trans people are non-negotiable and that Chesterfield is an inclusive Borough. We believe that Chesterfield should be a safe place for all members of the LGBTQ+ communities and we shall stand together to protect all members of our communities. We utterly condemn the hostile media environment that has grown up around trans issues and we have seen national transphobic hate crime quadruple and homophobic hate crime has tripled (2017-2020 figures). Chesterfield rejects anti-trans rhetoric & support all our fellow LGBTQ+ community members. Trans rights are human rights.

We are concerned that the language around trans rights has become increasingly toxic and we would welcome the chance to discuss with CBC in committee measures that the Council and its partners might make in the Borough to ensure that it is safe place to live, work and socialise.
We believe that a number of small measures would make a material and positive difference for the lgbt+ communities and send out a loud and clear signal that Chesterfield is safe for the trans community.
We believe that this discussed in committee could explore a number of possible measures to give support and assurances to the trans and wider lgbt+ community.

It would be good to discuss measures with CBC but also working with and liaising with DCC, the Police, healthcare and Emergency Services, Chesterfield Royal Hospital and public transport providers.

Started by: Ed Fordham (Working with Derbyshire LGBT+)

This ePetition runs from 08/10/2023 to 31/12/2023.

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