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Committee details


Purpose of committee


The Cabinet is appointed and chaired by the Leader of the Majority Group on the Council.

There are eight members of the Cabinet, including seven from the Majority Party, each of whom is responsible for a portfolio of service areas. There is also one member of the minority group, represented by the Leader of the Minority Group who does not have a responsibility for a service area.

Each Cabinet Member with portfolio is assisted by an Assistant Cabinet Member and up to two support members, elected from the majority party, whose role is to offer support and act as consultee to each Cabinet Member within their particular area of responsibility.


The Cabinet is responsible for making decisions on all matters except the regulatory functions of the Council, such as planning and licensing matters. It has responsibility for all budget and policy decisions within the framework set down by the Council. This includes major organisational changes, preparation and monitoring of budgets, service developments, target setting and performance monitoring.

The Cabinet delegates some of its powers to individual Cabinet Members within the Cabinet who have responsibility for a particular area of the Council. Officers of the Council who are responsible for day-to-day day decision making also have delegated powers given to them from the Cabinet to take decisions.

The Cabinet meets in public every two weeks. It may also meet in private. Key decisions can only be taken by the Cabinet at its public meetings.

For a full list of the Cabinet and their respective roles please click here.

Full details of the responsibilities of each cabinet member can be found in Part 3 of the Constitution.



Contact information

Support officer: Martin Elliott. 01246 345236