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Committee details

Community Customer and Organisational Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

The Community, Customer and Organisational Scrutiny Committee meets bi-monthly and comprises 8 Councillors.

The committee will agree its own work programme and it may :

  • review existing policies and actions;
  • develop and propose new policies;
  • receive matters for consideration that may be referred to it by the Cabinet or Council;
  • set up Scrutiny Review Panels to scrutinise matters in more detail;

The Community, Customer and Organisational Scrutiny Committee will look at the following service areas :

  • Health, Community Safety and Crime and Disorder functions - involving external organisations;
  • Customer services;
  • Tourism;
  • Market and culture;
  • Outsourced and shared services

The committees work will involve looking at how the Council relates to the communities it represents, how policies, services and decisions supporting thriving inclusive communities, how they are implemented and how performance is evaluated and improved.

Scrutiny Review Panels

As and when required the Community, Customer and Organisational Scrutiny Committee may appoint task and finish groups called Scrutiny Review Panels to undertake specific scrutiny reviews of policies, issues or services in more detail. All Non-Executive Members can be inolved in Scrutiny Review Panel work whether or not they are a member of an Scrutiny Committee.

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Contact information

Support officer: Donna Cairns. 01246 345236