Committee details

Standards and Audit Committee

Purpose of committee

The Council has a Standards and Audit Committee to oversee standards and audit procedures.

The Council receives any complaints that a local district or parish councillor has broken their Code of Conduct. The Monitoring Officer looks at the allegation and decides what action, if any, should be taken including whether or not the complaint should be investigated. Standards and Audit Committee also carries out hearings of complaints that have been investigated. A Council appointed independent person can be called upon to advise at various stages of a Code of Conduct complaint.

The Committee also monitors the effectiveness of the Council's risk management arrangements, its control environment (ranging from standing orders, financial procedures, service plans, etc.) and makes recommendations in respect of corporate governance matters.

Information on the terms of reference and responsibilities of the Standards and Audit Committee can also be found at Part 2, Article 9 of the Constitution.



Contact information

Support officer: Frances Green. 01246 959612